Neotrust’s mission is to assist businesses of all sizes in overcoming their cybersecurity challenges. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to begin your security transformation or if you have any questions/projects regarding cybersecurity.

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Why Neotrust?

Neotrust is an innovative security company. We support leaders in their operational transformation in an effective and sustainable manner, by integrating cyber innovation into their long-term security strategy.

In an ever-evolving digital era, cybersecurity has established itself as a central pillar of your business strategy. At Neotrust, our mission goes beyond securing your digital infrastructures; we transform your cybersecurity posture into a strategic growth lever.

Our offerings include:

  • Cyber Transformation
  • Cloud
  • DevSecOps
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  • Expertise Resources
  • Data Protection
  • Training

The technology that drives your business is critical to your success and future – and you must be ready to meet all these security challenges. We are.

Neotrust’s mission: help you transform your security to better manage risks

check Expand CISOs controls by complementing your action and improve your impact in order to support the secure digital transformation of your organization

check Enable organizations to take advantage over cyber attackers through state-of-the-art security transformation and innovation

check Helping organizations embrace innovation to keep the technology speed at your advantage, not to hackers

check Take a strategic approach to faster implementation of the latest disruptive technologies, thereby improving your long-term performance and security posture.

CISO Services


Security Transformation


`` Growing threat landscape``

In today’s complex business environment, precipitate reactions to the latest technical security threat will not resolve flaws in the overall approach to security. Organizations must implement and maintain proactive security governance and security transformation programs to survive in today’s competitive market and to achieve operational excellence aligned to their strategy, vision and risk appetite.

How Neotrust can help?

With our Security Transformation CISO accelerator program, Neotrust helps organizations address a wide range of security requirements, using proven methodologies to design and implement programs and solutions around policies and standards, governance and strategy, technology architecture design, Cyberdefense, and automated risk and compliance solutions.

Neotrust proposition overview

With our proven CISO and CTO experience, we help our clients provide an efficient and long-term step-change in the structure, governance and approach to Information Security. Project lifecycle typically involves selecting a security framework, analysing current state, defining a future state vision, establishing a strategic roadmap to secure your critical assets, evolving your security culture, designing projects and lastly, its implementation with our vast industry knowledge to find and manage the best security partners (proven adequate solutions providers, experienced value added integrators, etc.) at the right cost and desired timing.

Benefits of our approach

  • Experience – valuable advice from highly-experienced CISOs who have resolved similar issues with leading global organizations.
  • Flexible – a service that will flex and fit the changing needs of your organization – you can engage with us at different levels to suit your specific requirements.
  • Reduce risk – increase stakeholder value by aligning security with business objectives while balancing their need with identified risk.
  • Optimize investment – organizations have specific budgetary needs and we deliver exactly the services/solution required for success.
  • Increase engagement – security is not just about IT, but can be a complex business issue. We engage with your business, stakeholders, executives and the board to bridge the awareness gap.
  • Remove obstacles – remove the ‘security as an obstacle’ stigma to further engage, align and empower security within your organization.
  • Seamless – Neotrust will partner with you either in providing seamless transitions and/or seamless integration of our end-to-end cybersecurity services into your current organization.

Security for Executives

`` Putting information security under control ``

Today, Boards of Directors and CISOs face numerous challenges. Threats are becoming more frequent and increasingly complex, leaving many companies struggling to find adequate cybersecurity resources. Developing a security transformation plan will protect your company’s interests and most valuable assets, but it requires time, expertise, leadership support, and the right resources to develop a program and proactively address risks. Often, knowing where to start is a challenge.

Is the leadership committed?

Security is never just an IT issue. To effectively manage risks, the board of directors and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) must maintain a relationship of mutual commitment, asking the right questions, closely monitoring activities, and ensuring visibility of the CISO’s work so that decisions about security and overall risk are made jointly.

How to choose the most suitable executive CISO service

Set security standards at the board level. Protect your business by integrating an experienced security leader into your executive team. Our Executive CISO program connects your leaders with carefully selected, board-level seasoned security experts to help raise your risk awareness and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

Our Executive CISO programs are designed to assist businesses of all sizes and sectors in facing their specific security challenges. When we engage with you, we start by understanding the specifics of your business as well as your objectives and needs, to define the most suitable Executive CISO services, which may include:

  • CISO Transformation – a longer-term commitment where we act as members of your executive team to help you define a comprehensive and sustainable risk and security transformation program.
  • Interim CISO – a temporary engagement to assist your business following the departure of your CISO or any other security leader; during the transition from one CISO to another, or to help you establish the role of your CISO or any other security leader.
  • Chief Security Architect (CTO) – a technical strategist or Chief Technology Officer advising you in one or more specific application areas, working closely with the CISO to build and execute the security transformation plan.
  • Executive Security Advisor – a trusted strategic advisor to support your current CISO in benchmarking, collaboration, leading a security initiative, or any other consulting service.

At the end of the security transformation program, once your company is ready to welcome a CISO or a Chief Information Security Officer (typically within 12 to 18 months), we commit to helping you recruit an effective security leader and ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to capitalize on your security investment with your new CISO over the long term.

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Technology Scouting


`` What is Technology Scouting for emerging innovations? ``

Since security is a marathon rather than a sprint”, dedicated security innovation programs make the biggest impact when they are incorporated into a company’s long-term security strategy. There are thousands of cybersecurity companies around the world, especially in Europe, the United-States, Israel and Asia. The innovation is so rapid that it is often challenging to keep track of the emerging capabilities.

Walking through all those companies is necessary but time consuming and can often be frustrating. Technology scouting does the qualifying for you by finding only technologies that can reasonably address your needs. Technology scouting takes care of the busy work and ensures that the technologies you are reviewing have a likely chance to meet your challenges.

Our objective

In a business era of evolving threats and increasing competition, Security Transformation has become a must-have for companies across industries. Hackers do not wait and constantly improve their attacking techniques. You must go as fast to protect your organizations. It is therefore no longer a question of whether to innovate, but how to innovate in a way that works best for your company.

With our ecosystem of security experts around the world, Neotrust identifies the latest Technologies, Trends, Innovations to close emergent need gaps by evaluating the optimal technology opportunities, solutions, and pre-qualified suppliers to maintain momentum in developing sustained and state of the art security strategies.

How it works?

Neotrust Technology Scouting service is a service provided to cybersecurity leadership in industries that have critical need for security and compliance. Leveraging familiarity with the cybersecurity ecosystem and personal relationships with many of the leaders/SMEs of the ecosystem Neotrust identifies the right technology for your needs. Standard Process:

  • An Executive Innovation Briefing between you and the Neotrust Management Team is held, in which we discuss some of your current and emerging challenges, and qualify your needs.
  • Neotrust provides a report of cybersecurity companies that have an approach to address your needs. This includes a mapping of capabilities to the NIST Cybersecurity Risk Framework.
  • If you are interested in hearing more, Neotrust sets up a 30/60-minute demo for each company.
  • If there is any interest, Neotrust can organize a complete security evaluation of the desired solutions in our Lab or in your environment, as well as manage the follow up and next steps (e.g. minimize the repeated calls from well-meaning but persistent salespeople).
  • We can manage with you the PoC process and evaluate all the deployment benefits and limitations of the identified solutions within your environment and constraint to help you to perform the best choice.

LAB and PoC-as-a-Service

`` NEOTRUST proposition overview ``

Our goal is to innovate alongside our customers to transform their security strategy. Neotrust LAB and PoC-as-a-Service helps your organization to embrace innovation with a smarter and faster fully secure way to evaluate and adopt the right new technologies.

Neotrust empowers companies to run multiple proof-of-concepts from multiple vendors simultaneously, without exposing their real data to third party vendors. By centralizing the PoC process, Neotrust significantly shortens the time from discovery to deployment so the enterprise can adopt new technology while it is still new.
With Neotrust LAB and PoC-as-a-Service, you can:

  • Define and open PoC opportunities that reflect your innovation needs and goals
  • Configure and run dedicated PoC environments in a Cloud, Hybrid or tailored LAB that fits your needs
  • Analyze, evaluate and compare security solution performance based on the technical and business KPIs that are most important to your business

With our technology scouting activities and our security evaluation services, we focus on security products that are emerging and next generation. We provide insight, clarity, and confidence for our customers during their adoption of new security technologies.


Organizations are constantly upgrading and modifying their enterprise to prevent or respond to a litany of evolving threats. Some bolster their technological arsenal with the support of large systems integrators and/or others have their own network of technology sources. In either case, Neotrust extends their reach into pockets of technology they would not otherwise access.

Of course, Neotrust’s program reaffirms technology/vendor choices the client already knew about, but Neotrust also generates choices they did not know about. This comprehensive coverage provides the peace of mind when clients consider a new technology that it has made its decision from a pool of the most viable solution providers.

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Discover our events: An immersion at the heart of cybersecurity.

At Neotrust, we believe in the power of community and knowledge exchange to move forward together in the field of cybersecurity. That’s why we are proud to present our rich program of events, designed to equip professionals and businesses with the tools, skills, and insights necessary to navigate confidently in the digital universe.

Our “Made in Neotrust” events:

Our exclusive events, such as our webinars dedicated to the ISO27001 standard, our hybrid Lunch and Learn sessions presenting solutions and offers from key industry players, and our thematic meetings, are specifically designed to foster learning, networking, and the sharing of experiences. Led by our cybersecurity experts, these meetings are essential opportunities to stay up-to-date with best practices, the latest regulations, and to interact with peers committed to the protection of cyberspace.

Our participation in major industry events:

Neotrust is also present on the international stage, actively participating in major industry events such as ITCM, FIC, CyberConference, IT SEC, and many more. These participations allow us to share our expertise, explore the latest innovations in cybersecurity, and build strong connections with key players in the field, thus enriching our offer and understanding of current challenges.

Sorry, there is nothing for the moment.

About us


Founded in 2019, Neotrust has its headquarters in La Défense, France, and in the Mile-End district of Montreal.

Our values:
Innovation – Expertise – Listening – Support, leading to a professional and innovative management of our cyber projects.

Our vision:
To be a trusted partner in your Cyber activities. Experts to support your organizations in their security transformation.

Our missions:
To advise differently, offering new ideas with dedicated teams! To consider other perspectives with a step ahead by going beyond standard solutions to deliver a high level of quality that makes a difference.

Neotrust’s mission is to help businesses meet their cybersecurity challenges.

Our areas of intervention are diverse and include, among others:

  • Provision of CISO/CISO for short or long-term missions
  • Support for cyber transformation projects, either by providing support or deploying teams to operate them
  • Compliance assistance for our clients (ISO27001, SecnumCloud, Dora…)
  • Risk remediation, assisting in both resolution and the implementation of solutions (tools, processes, training…)
  • Provision of talent to complement our clients’ existing teams

Corporate culture

A culture of results serving our clients and collaborators!

Fundamentally inclusive, Neotrust passionately fosters the complementarity of talents that make up our teams in service of our clients.

More a partner than a supplier, we experience each project with a strong commitment, thus ensuring an optimal success rate in achieving our clients’ objectives (certifications, remediation, technological evolutions, training…).

Our community

Our team of “Neotrusters” consists of more than 70 experts spread across Europe and North America, having worked with our clients for an average of more than 5 years.

Neotrust and this community of talents operate within various groups and associations to promote the proper use of cyber practices and reduce risks in businesses.

Join us in one of the many forums and webinars we host thanks to our community.

Management Team

Kim-Thibault Dang-Heudebert


Kim is founding partner of Neotrust.. He has deep experience evaluating emerging cybersecurity technology and advising large enterprises on their strategic security posture. A security careerist with more than 15 years of experience, Kim is responsible for the Executive CISO programs activity. Kim served as a Transition CISO at (...)

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Neotrust mission is to help companies of all sizes address their cybersecurity challenges. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on Cybersecurity.

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